This software claims to reduce power consumption up to 30%. Laptop Deals Outlet Support + Support. Array Test. Battery Eater can measure the minimum operation time of a notebook (when all power-saving options are disabled) under conditions close to the maximum workload (Classic mode). @ azzido wrote:. The battery in an old laptop often won't show an accurate reading of the life remaining. Download Laptop Battery Tester for Windows to examine your laptop battery voltage and export data results to Microsoft Excel or Picture export. Diagnostic applications are not compatible with your operating system. Click Start Battery Test on the Battery Test page. The statuses include OK, Calibrate, Weak or Very Weak, Replace, No Battery or Unknown. X Core Suite. Hi Peter, Yes, you can install Lenovo Power Manager software that will show some battery information. It smartly manages the processor frequency and when it detects no task is being performed, then it automatically reduces the frequency of the processor.Lesser CPU frequency results in much lower power consumption. Lenovo Inc. View View. It displays the battery performance based on the charge/discharge cycles and evaluates other important specifications such as the deterioration level and the drain off cycles count. A log file is maintained of the battery charge level and other statistics for later analysis. The Windows 10 Battery Report feature breaks down whether your battery is still kicking or on its last legs. Battery Eater is a benchmark for your's laptop battery pack. How to Test Your Laptop’s Battery Laptop batteries can fail, or over time can lose their ability to hold a charge. What's new in this version. Battery Eater is a testing tool intended to reveal the potential of a notebook battery pack. KAR Energy Software is a free laptop battery saver software for Windows. One important parameter to check battery health is FCC (Fully Charger Capacity) which will tell you the actual capacity of your battery. The Battery Test Page appears on your screen. After your device battery has exhausted, your result can be found from (please bookmark, or write down, this URL before starting the battery test) Save ▿ Select suite ▿ All tests. X Built-in Objects Test. Plug your power cord back into your laptop. Here's how to monitor your laptop's battery life. Diagnostic Tools for Dell Laptops and Desktops. Diagnostics & Tools Run a quick test or identify your product to see more diagnostic options. It can also be used to reduce power consumption. This another great battery testing tool that helps increase your laptop/notebook battery life by keeping you updated with all the battery-related details. TP General - Battery Troubleshooting. X Bitwise Test. If your laptop suddenly stops cooperating, you can usually determine if a bad battery is causing the problem by removing it from its bay (on the bottom or side of the laptop) and running the laptop from the AC adapter only. Enhanced Pre-Boot System Assessment (ePSA) Calibration is a relatively easy process and will get things back to how they were. Run the battery test. View the status of your HP battery. ... HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool. Respond to the battery test. SHOP SUPPORT. Free. Typical users include portable computer repair centers, system integrators, server administrators who must manage laptops and, home users trying to diagnose battery problems. What's new in the latest release?