They opened on the 850th birthday of beer culture in Munich, and they aimed to bring back basement brewing in this historic city. Various lunch and dinner times Every Thursday you can participate in a beer pong tournament with the prospect of winning 50€; be careful though, as that is the only day they take an entrance fee if you arrive later than 9pm. They have a great selection of wines and professional staff. I love the style of their brewery, and it screams hipster with open spaces and unfinished wood; you can even take a peek at their brewing process on site. The layout is a bit awkward, so if you don’t like tight dancefloors it might not be for you, but if the closer, the better, this is the place for you! Best part it is open every day of the week, so if you’re in Munich on a Tuesday and want to get turnt up, you have somewhere to go! It’s open early, and they make food, so you can always stop by to cure your hangover the next day. Plan for a late night out. The Augustiner Arnulfstraße 52, 80335 München, Germany has a HUGE outdoor beer garden and will be easy for a large group to go during the day and have lots of room. Für den Falstaff Bar- & Spiritsguide kann das ganze Jahr über abgestimmt werden! Look for the Pfand sign near where you ordered your beverage to return your glass. Germans and Bavarians, especially, take their drinking very seriously. Occamstraße 2, 80802 München. You can get double the Tollwood fun in both summer and winter Tollwood, but the summer event focuses less on the Christmas market aspect and more on the party. Mit einem kühlen Cocktail hoch über der Stadt auf einer Dachterrasse den Abend ausklingen lassen. A place that is all about the good times with good friends and dancing until the next day. Have fun hitting the town! One of the better-rated clubs in Munich Harry Klein is well designed with an upstairs and downstairs area and a great dancefloor. Dann klicken Sie sich am besten durch unser vielfältiges Portfolio zu dem Thema "Bar mieten München". The service is really nice, the drinks of high quality and if you find a place to sit, you should also try their small food menu. Their mission is basically, “we do what we want, how we want and if you don’t like it then you can fuck off.” That’s something I can stand by. A small modern bar with intriguing interior: a couple of bar tables at the entrance and an upper floor not many people see as it gets busy in the evening. The bars here are a mix of dive and ultra classy. Wobei auch das sehr stilvolle Ambiente und der gastfreundliche Service begeistern. Ben’s Bar is a Caribbean cocktail bar with strong Cuban influences, and has great drink specials – including all-night happy hour on Tuesday and Friday. Register company: Sign up for a free entry in the city-map company list! This resulted in serious German beer, but with a variety of flavors, colors, and hops. They succeeded, and the cocktail scene in Munich is often attributed to the rise of 50s style drinks and their gin. I stumbled into it six years ago while backpacking through Munich and thought I died and went to heaven. ❄️, Since I moved to Germany I’ve been so thankful f, ️Ganesh and I made an advent calendar this y, Alsace is so extra during Christmas. Couch Club in Munich is one of the best bars for a cozy night out with top-shelf gins. Explore There is another grouping of clubs behind the Sbahn tracks at Ostbahnhof, it is usually a younger crowd, an international group and it’s a massive complex filled with lots of nightclubs and bars. However, whoever pays last is responsible for the entire bill, so make sure you get your order right! Munich bars are usually pretty smaller and will be hard for a large group to just walk in. We’re coming on a long weekend to Munich this summer. Bezug auf den Service eine der besten Shisha Bars in München. Glühwein: You’ll usually only see this drink during the winter months, but it is very similar to a mulled wine. So, the modern day cocktail as you think of it with bitters, liquor, sugar, and a mixer are American. Lucky for us this something different eventually revolutionized German beer. Ben’s won ‘Best Cocktail’ at the Gastro-Challenge 2007, and came away with second place in the Upper Bavaria Gastronomy Prize in 2009. You are definitely looking for something different and are not willing to go just anywhere to take your drink. They serve vegan wurst as well as meat options. Services. You can always check out the posters around town to see if anything piques your interest while you’re in town. But there are also some great microbreweries and alternatives to the big 6 popping up in Munich, such as Giesinger, that we will go over later. 2012 wurde die Goldene Bar von Drinks International London unter die 50 Top Bars International gewählt. München nightlife guide featuring best local bars recommended by München locals. They brew on location and have tasty food too, so bring your appetite and curiosity. Klenzestraße 89, 80469 München. Enter your email address and we'll email you a link that you can use to log in. You may want to avoid bars and clubs around the Hauptbahnhof as they have a higher risk of scam and are often gambling halls and strip clubs, but if that’s your jam- go for it. It is small and locally owned, so you know the quality and care put into distilling their product is top of the line. Besonders sind in der Contemporary Bar auch die großen Rundbogenfenstern, die dank einer schaltbaren Folie je nach Bedarf mal milchig, mal klarsichtig tiefere Ein- und Ausblicke verwehren oder ermöglichen. Tipping is not necessary in Munich, but if you want to do so, it is appropriate and you round up or leave the change. Doch auch in München findet sich eine Auswahl für die Alternative Szene, Party-Stadtteile, Hipster Bars und Vintage-Läden für interessante Mode. Open map. Bewertungen, Adressen und Öffnungszeiten der besten Restaurants anzeigen Geburtstag feiern, Jahrestag oder die Beförderung. Bar Awards 2016 In München trinkt es sich am besten Bayern hat mehr zu bieten als Helles und Weißbier. Tal 31, 80331 München It attracts a younger, hip crowd, and they’ll whip up anything from your classic Dark and Stormy to more elaborate drinks with coffee and bourbon. unsere Bar 35mm² ist von Falstaff zu der besten Bar Münchens nominiert worden. Learn how to create your own. It takes place every March at Paulaner and is not for the faint of heart. So, for beer, you would say Ein (one) Bier (beer), Bitte (please). 10am-1am Most days 8pm-1am Sun: Closed (Thursday and Friday). Herzog-Wilhelm-Straße 25, 80331 München. With unfinished wood and strange art, it has a cool vibe, but you’ll find a casual crowd and cheap drinks. Looking for parties events in Pfaffenhofen a.d. Ilm? Dachauer Str. Bohnen mit viel Körper, italienisch dunkle Röstung und eine perfekte Crema . Für genau solche Anlasse gibt es hier 11 besonders schicke Bars in München – et voilà! Bayerstraße 31, 80335 München. I would say there is where a lot of expats go out to party, but you’ll find a healthy mix of locals too. If you don’t fancy any of my recommendations, feel free to email me or leave me a comment with what you’re looking for, and I’ll be happy to help. Another beautiful distillery outside of Munich, this one nestled near Chiemsee Lake in the Alps. That’s why I picked out these best spots for wine in Munich that will delight your pallet, and you’re sure to find a new favorite wine. Address: Herzogspitalstraße 8, 80331 München. This wasn’t always the case, as the cocktail scene is relatively new in Munich. Hier erfahren Sie, welche Szeneviertel Münchens Sie kennen sollten. It is usually a fruit brandy and can be drunk as a quick shot or something to sip on after dinner. Der Gastro-Guide stellt kleine Lokale und Bars in und um München vor. As mentioned above in the summer you’ll find lots of people hanging out and enjoying the long days of summer with drinks and music. Most nightclubs and bars open late. If you look older than 12 you’re probably on the safe side at a bar, however, it is always good to have your ID on your at all times in case of emergency. Synonymous with creative expression, Lenbachs is in an artistic section of town. Im Mongo’s in München ist das Essen der Star, könnte man sagen. Die Bar, die in der Mitte des Raumes steht, ist so groß, dass zum Sitzen nicht mehr viel Platz bleibt. They have lots of gourmet burger options, including veggie burgers. You can even take your souvenir glass home! With bamboo walls and state-of-the-art speakers, this place is optimized for sound and has the best sound system in Munich. Extremely stylish venue for a lunch or an evening drink. They take their beer as serious, if not more so than some traditional breweries, but they let their creative juices flow. Susanna was born in the wilds of Alaska and now lives in Munich. Hey, one of the best things you can do is rent a room at a beer garden. Make sure you get a whiskey drink on the rocks and prepare to be amazed as they use their spherical ice maker to instantly freeze purified water for the most beautiful ice sphere you’ve ever seen. How cool is that? Their huge menu and world-class mixologists will make lovers of whiskey, gin, rum, and vodka all happy. Munich Distillers are leading the scene of local spirits with Gin, Vodka and that German rum I was talking about earlier! 3 entries found. Browse through our website in order to view more services. Also genau das Richtige für alle Fleischfans. Aber es gibt sie auch hier: Besondere Orte, an denen München irgendwie anders ist. Mit Liebe zum Detail. With old purity laws preventing the rise of craft and microbrews, there wasn’t much variety to the beer in Munich, until now that is. We have to get the boring stuff out of the way, but I promise it will help you have the best night out as possible. Gasp, I know! If not, let me know if you ever need more insider tips for Munich for partying or other hidden gem adventures! So bring your thirst and wallet! So, try and hang with the professionals and keep yourself in check. Restaurant 181 Cuisine: Gourmet Style / Ambiance: As the name suggests, Restaurant 181 is situated 181 meters above to... View Article Just make sure you don’t see the word “sports” anywhere in there Their contact and hours are hard to pin down, but you can email them at: Please stay healthy and be a responsible traveler. Hier findet ihr die besten Cocktailbars Münchens. bars - München. Located inside the Deutsches Museum, the world’s largest science and technology museum, the design and sound are fitting to be part of this prestigious museum. Sun-Thur: 7pm-1am Fri-Sat: 7pm-3am End of January Bars und Kneipen in München. Additionally, you have to turn your phone in, and they put stickers on your camera, and phones are only allowed in a certain area. It’s hard to prioritize, what days will you be in town, and what are your tastes, I can send some personal recommendations. Ihr könnt zwischen verschiedensten Fleischsorten wählen und diese Individuell zubereiten lassen.